Why The Unfollowers Don’t Matter

It’s pretty easy to get caught up with the “vanity metrics” on social media. You work hard to provide value to your followers, and with a good strategy and tons of effort, you slowly grow your follower count. So how come there seems to be an ongoing up and down? Followers come and then followers go. This is especially prevalent on Instagram and Twitter, and we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a bummer!


What if you shifted your perspective a bit, and considered this: Unfollowers Don’t Matter

If you’re thinking, “WHOA, unfollowers don’t matter? She’s crazy; it obviously means they don’t like me and that matters to me…” you’re certainly entitled to that thought. Here’s why I think you should hear me out:

There are a few reasons people unfollow you, and none of them matter.

“Playing the Insta Game”

The first reason is that they only followed you (and 100’s of other folks) in a follow spree hoping to snag some follow backs. Are they really interested in what you’re providing (product/service)? Would they ever authentically engage with you and eventually buy what you’re selling? Was there ever any value in it for you? Nope. If someone unfollows because you didn’t follow back, it is a clear indicator they didn’t actually care about your content. And you’re working hard on your content! So if they didn’t care, let ’em go.

things change, love!

Another reason could be that they used to like what you posted, but their tastes have changed. Are you still being yourself? Posting what you truly believe your ideal clients want and need? Engaging regularly and authentically with your community? Of course you are. So you lose a couple people here and there who have decided they aren’t your target market anymore. OK bye! This shouldn’t be upsetting unless you lose a TON of followers all at once. In that case you’ll want to carefully review what caused the mass exodus.

But in almost every single scenario, unfollowers don’t matter because they weren’t going to create any revenue. If you’re using social media as a marketing tool, then your focus is ultimately sales. Keep that in mind, and it’ll help you from getting discouraged when those people who would never have purchased anyway drop off.

P.S. If you use email marketing, this goes for unsubscribers too. In fact, take some time each quarter to review your list. If someone hasn’t opened your past three emails, get ’em off the list!

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Rachel Creveling