Who Made You?



If you ever wondered why I’m the Michi I am… it’s all because of her.

She introduced me to Starbucks, sushi, and MAC makeup. I will forever be in her debt.

She showed me how to work hard and to remain true to myself. When I was picked on and bullied for not “being black enough” and speaking somewhat properly while everyone else was speaking in southern slang, she showed me that there was more to life than what people said about you in high school.

It’s because of her, I have my sassy attitude, but kind heart; my love of outdoors, and snuggling under a big soft blanket. She showed me how to channel my creative energy and to always try new things.

I can hear her singing “please be patient with me, God is not through with me yet”… I really wonder now if that was because I was tempting her to murder me. Haha, but really… she totally could have, but didn’t.

She gave me two wonderful siblings making me full of middle child problems. She encouraged me to be my best and to not listen to what anyone else says about me… unless it’s her of course. I get my amazing lack of rhythm, twisted sense of humor and smart mouth from her, and yet her beauty still shines through me 😉

I know when I’m a mother I will be amazing if I’m just half the mother she is.

Hardworking, loving, sassy, and smart. I love my mom, she made me who I am… she gave me the nick name Michi. And had no idea what she started.


I love her for so much, but most of all, for making me, the unique, quirky me that I am. 🙂


Who made you?




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