What’s Normal Anyway?


If you caught my first scope this past Wednesday, I mentioned that I was bullied growing up. As sad as that made me then, it ultimately made me who I am.

I’m a fighter. I’m an individual, and I stopped caring a long time ago if I didn’t quite fit in to a specific box. I’m so grateful for the mom I am blessed with because she truly put my mind in the right direction.

So when I was trying to make my business fit in a specific type of box, I fell in to a funk. It got so bad. I stopped working on my business for a few days (which is like years to me) to try different things to get me out of it. I finally stepped back and said “show me what I need to do.”

I carried on as normal, posting, sending emails, collaborating on ideas and projects, working with my clients… even did my first lil scope on Periscope. Then: Boom! Out of nowhere I heard “Why do you care so much how it’s ‘supposed’ to be done?” I had gone to the park with Miko, my pup, and stopped dead in my tracks, and said “I don’t.”

Then I said a bit louder: “I don’t care! Why am I caring now?”  I had realized that I was letting “Leaders, Experts and Influencers” tell me what I’m telling you to ignore.

It’s not about what everyone else is doing. It’s what your heart tells you to do


When you have a purpose-driven, soulful, creative business. It’s a lot harder to understand how get your offering in the hands of each and everyone you wish to serve. Since this is so new, and everyone is an “expert” it’s easy to fall into the “well she said I need to do it exactly like this”  I break the rules each and every day, and I love it.


Why Stop Now?

If you are looking for a framework for how to get it done without losing ‘you’ let’s work together.

I’m not here to tell you how to run your business, I’m here to help build your business.

Know the difference?


Comment below, pop in the FB group, or Shoot me an email. I’m here for you. 😉

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