The Instagram Apocalypse Isn’t Happening… Yet!

Stop it. Right now. For the love of guacamole.. Stop.

I’m not often known as being able to hold my tongue when I think something is dumb, and this is no different.

Stop telling your followers to turn on notifications.

You are forgetting WHAT the new changes actually mean. They are starting to rearrange content based on what Instagram thinks your audience would want to see.  Not you vs. the 400+ million active instagram users, you vs. the other accounts your followers follow. Meaning if they are only following 850 (which is the average for Instagram users) you should be ok if you are doing all the stuff you should be doing anyway.

How about you encourage/educate your followers to do this instead:

Hey guys! Instagram is changing up the way you see your feed. If you like what you see, gimme a double tap! That is how you let instagram know you like us!

If you have accounts you don’t enjoy anymore, pop in there and give them an unfollow. We love an appreciate all your support and want to make sure we are doing our part in providing TOP NOTCH content for ya! Let us know what you want to see more of below, and don’t forget to tap-tap, and show us some love!

(Easy, right?)

What you should be doing instead, is creating content that becomes an engagement magnet. Post things that (as I allllwwwwaaaayyyyysssss say) inspires, motivates, educates, and entertains. If you start with that, the rest will take care of itself.

Another thing you may be missing out on is engaging and bringing people to you.

What does that mean?

You should be utilizing hashtags to help people find you, and going through the insta world and finding your tribe instead of just waiting for them to come.

{{Not sure where to start? You can check out My Instagram Quickstart Guide Riggghhhtttt here!}}

Why telling your audience to turn on notifications is a waste of time and will end up loosing you followers:

It’s annoying

You are not the only one scaring your audience into turning on notifications. You will end up having them turn off everything and potentially unfollowing you if you are posting while they are sleep (time zones shouldn’t limit you if you have a national/international market)

There’s not a notification feed that it shows up on.

It’s literally just noise. If you have multiple notifications at the same time, you will only see the most recent one and the rest disappear once you open the app. There is no history or feed for those notifications.

It shows you are scared

And we aren’t scared of things we are prepared for! Plus, that’s not a great way to help your audience build trust in you.  No bueno… that’s sales 101.

 You are just following the crowd

Not sure where it came from, but not one part of Instagram’s announcement said when the changes would start, and at the least they released another statement (via twitter which sooo made me giggle) that said, hey guys, we aren’t changing tomorrow, chill out… more or less.

You are seriously misinformed about the timeframe, and seriously misinformed about what is changing.

The only good thing about being misinformed is that you are with the right set of nerds. WE GOT YOU! You know we LOVE helping to guide you through all the craziness that is instagram strategy, and you KNOW we know what we are talking about.

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