Seven Tips to Make Your Business THRIVE on Instagram!

Raise your hand if you are using Instagram for business. :::raises hand:::

Yaayyy! You know that there are over 500 million active monthly users of this incredible platform and you are ready to cash in!

Now raise your hand if you are a profesh photographer or graphic designer.

Not so many hands left huh?

If you are, SUPER FAB! HAYY BOO! This post will still show you how to mix up your feed with your amazing photos and graphics without overloading your audience. HOWEVER, if you’re not, you can still absolutely, positively have an amazing Instagram feed. Promise!

If you didn’t know by now, Pretty + Profesh is all about working smarter, not harder, so here are some quick and easy ways to utilize some uber simple tools:

stock images

Stock images are a solopreneur’s savior in many cases. You can use them for an endless amount of things like your website, blog, online shop, and of course, Instagram!

Some of our FAV places to get stock images are free or super cheap! Check out our girl Twigy Posts to see what we mean.


Mockups take a tiny bit of skill but can be the perfect way to stand out with high quality product shots, lifestyle photos, or even for ads for your digital products. With patience and practice, you can become a fab mockup creator in no time!

being intentional with your pictures

When you take pictures, taking a little more time to get a perfect shot can be the one thing that takes your pics from blah to bam! Bam is good. Really good. Make sure you have natural light – this will give the best quality image before ever using an editing app. You can use a poster board or contact paper for a clean background. This helps you look super pro, even if you are sooooooo not! Take a number of shots from a few different angles and distances. This will give you a better amount of images to be choosy with when you’re ready to edit.

**pro tip alert** 

If you have a ton of pics that are post-worthy, instead of dumping them in your feed all at the same time (which is super annoying and useless by the way) save them in your Dropbox or other cloud drive for super easy access. Use them when you don’t feel like having a photo shoot. {{#TBT or #FBF anyone??}} You don’t need to burn through your content! Plan with an editorial calendar and space them out for maximum return.

make your own graphics

This is easier than you think! You can use online apps like Canva or PicMonkey, or even something as simple as PowerPoint.

use apps to edit

There are a TON of apps out there that you can use to edit your photos outside of Instagram to fine tune some of the adjustments. You can use VSCO cam, Photoshop Express, and Studio Design to get you started. We also love Snapseed and Photoblender for getting super artsy!

user generated content

AKA Reposting. If you decide to repost, don’t use one of the repost apps that leave the super ugly repost watermark. Thats a quick way to turn something amazing into tacky. Your feed will thank you! **pro tip** take a screenshot of what you want to repost and crop within Instagram. Before you get repost happy, be sure to check out this blog article on how to repost without being a jerk. {{you’ll get a kick out of it}}


The biggest lesson I learned in 2015 is that even though I can do all the tasks that I need to accomplish, in order for me to work more effectively, and not become a complete crazy person, I need to delegate. There are photographers out there you can collaborate with to take/make images for you. So if you know what you want to have for your theme, color story, and overall feel of your feed, get with another lady boss who can make it happen!

As you see Lady Boss, you don’t need to limit yourself to “meh” quality when you can utilize so many different ways to make your feed Ah-May-Zing! Check out the resources in the P+P Academy for all sorts of inspiration, freebies and more!