Interview with Lindsey Barbara

Brand Stylist Lindsey Barbara is heading to REFRESHED in DC May 13-15th to conduct an Advanced Branding Collective with our attendees! I got behind the scenes with her on topics soooo much more than BRANDING in our pre-event interview. Are you joining us in DC?? It’s going to be a weekend full of innovation, education and sisterhood. We really want to meet you!


What’s your story?

I’m a brand stylist and business mentor who woke up one day back in 2013 and realized I wasn’t happy. I was teaching 3rd grade in Northern Virginia – the dream house – car – friends – everything – but living by someone else’s schedule and routine was beginning to feel soul-less. I decided to resign from formal America at the end of the school year – follow my heart and honestly, I had no idea I’d be where I am today when I resigned – I packed everything I owned, moved from Virginia and went to live abroad. I love traveling, culture and seeing new places – I ended up living in Ireland for 4 months and it completed changed my life. I came home, started my business and haven’t looked back since. Therefore, that is why I am SOOO passionate about truly helping and guiding my dream clients to brand and build businesses from the heart because honestly, if we wanted to “be like someone else” or follow along with the new trends – we could go work for corporate or formal America. Being an Entrepreneur allows us to run a business the way, we want to run it – make money on our own terms, etc. – that’s what I am here to help do…BE YOU!!!! And live a life of love and freedom!

What kind of lady boss are you?

I’m a passionate ladyboss with a drive to see other ladies shine and share their business from the inside out. I hustle because I LOVE it…I’m adventurous, a free spirit and love to spend time working from new and different coffee shops. I love to pick my laptop up at the drop of a dime and go travel – snowbirding in Florida, anyone?! European summer…?!! Overall, I’m a ladyboss who follows and listens to her heart…I love my clients enough to listen to what they want but I also want to inspire my community and clients to see that anything is possible. When you build a business that is truly you, you can feel empowered to live a life, most can only dream about.

What’s your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

The freedom of being your own boss and being able to be 100% ME! I’m very much a free spirit and love learning more about myself each and everyday. Entrepreneurship is truly the best self development tool there is…  

What is your #1 tip for success?

BE YOU – it seems simple and “no duh” but it is the answer to success. Some clients come to me and they are like “I want to be like Marie Forleo, Danielle Laporte, Gabby Bernstein, etc.” and I immediately know as much as I might connect with them, they are not my dream clients because they don’t know what “they want.”

To be successful – you have to get deep down and honest with yourself, shift your mindset for success on “your terms,” build a business that resembles you – speak your truth, as much as it might be scary the first time, when you build a solid foundation from the ground up, it becomes so easy to continue to grow and receive abundance in all forms.

Also what comes along with success, when you know exactly who you are and what your brand stands for, is being consistent in sharing that message.

What are your big dreams and goals?

I desire to reach the masses and help ladies feel empowered to build/start/uplevel their business with “their personality.” Inspiring, empowering and guiding women to live from the heart and have that foundation within their business – think of me as your “Visionary Engineer” – here to help shape & build your future with your inner desires.  

I desire to see the world full of empowered women, living on their own terms and following their dreams. And I’d love to be an inspiration to those who think they can’t or aren’t able to have what they see others have – anyone can make their dreams come true – I’m here to help make that a reality. 

I love to travel and I’d also love to give back…I highly support Pencils of Promise since I come from an education background – we have as one of our goals, to build a school with POP!

What is the lesson you wished you learned sooner?

Hmm, this is a fab question…what lesson I wished I would have learned sooner?! I honestly don’t know if I can answer this question right now but if I had to think about one thing, I would probably have to say, is knowing, defining, and being specifically clear about who my dream clients were.

Do you have a morning or daily ritual? 

OH YES! I love my morning routine – sometimes when I am traveling, I am not able to fully embrace and go through my morning routine but it is so important to me, to spend time each day, no matter travel or not, doing my routine.

I normally wake up and have tea – while having tea, I journal any dreams, visions, or desires that I have/had. I will also write down affirmations for the day.  I will sit with my crystals and turn on low and soft meditative music and sink into my calming space of meditation for a little while. Sometimes, I meditate for 30+ minutes, others it will be only 10+ minutes. I follow the guidance of my body and how the Universe guiding me that day.

After meditating, I will do lite yoga to stretch and center – ground myself with Mother Earth and the Divine…If any visions or messages come through for me, I will also journal. I also love love to pull tarot cards – I have a deck that I absolutely love and it always delivers the best messages and guidance.

I spend about an hour within this space and then go about making breakfast and getting dressed for the day! If I have an appointment or early morning calls with clients – I make sure to at least have 30 minutes to center and ground myself in the energy for the day, so I am able to bring my best self to my business and my clients.

How do you avoid overwhelm?

I love taking walks and enjoying nature when I am feeling overwhelm. Exercise and meditation are also go to’s for me. Remembering to breathe and take one thing at a time is the best practice J

How to connect with you?

You can find me on my website:

Or you can find me socially – I LOVE Instagram!!! (@lindseybarbara)