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So I had this idea to feature a collection of a few of my favorite #LadyBosses!

They aren’t just ordinary in women in business for themselves, oh no! These ladies have pushed past boundaries and made leaps and bounds to successfully accomplish putting forth their passion and allowing the rest of the world to be a part of it all. Of course, the wonderful founder of Pretty + Profesh, Michi Moore, had the same idea and so the “Lady Boss in Biz” series was born! Of course, I will putting my spin on things from a branding perspective but these stories are meant to inspire and uplift our community; forming a common bond of sisterhood while keeping it Pretty+Profesh!

Our first #LadyBoss, Jazz, is the CEO + Founder of MISTERY BOX.

MISTERY BOX is a monthly subscription box that caters to the fashion-forward man that likes to switch his style up a bit. I know ladies, you are probably thinking, “A subscription box for men?! How can I relate to that?!” But, much is to be learned from Jazz who created MISTERY BOX after becoming a clothing stylist in Charlotte, North Carolina. After receiving such a positive response from her clients an idea was sparked to create that same experience for young men across the country.

“…if I can’t physically style every guy in the world, then I can definitely create a care package to assist them with their wardrobe at home…” – Jazz

In a male-dominated world, Jazz says that it is important to be able to stand your ground and never compromise who you are! And I couldn’t agree more! Standing firm in your brand, to the promises you’ve committed to bring to your audience is what separates the #BossLadies from…well…just the ladies. Jazz was able to drop a few more gems for us:

·       “Take your time & grow your brand!” – Careful consideration and planning to execute the vision that you have is critical in being successful. As creative entrepreneurs we always have the tendency to overlook and under think our plan in an effort to release our passion projects from sheer excitement or fear that someone else will “steal” our idea and make it better! No one can do you like you, so take your time.

·     “Cut down on the distractions” – Jazz suggests taking 2 hours, or so, out of your day and putting pen to paper to write out your ideas. Do some research on how you can execute your ideas and then GET UP and physically start working out that plan!

·       “Learn from your mistakes” – You thought that now because you’ve gotten over the hurdle of opening your own company, the mistakes stop there? Unfortunately not! Jazz has learned that making mistakes are a part of being in business but remaining flexible and making calculated decisions based on self-knowledge and constant awareness of your brand will help to decrease making the same mistake twice.

Check out the full interview below!

What’s your story?

I grew up in a household/family where the women (my grandmother, mom, and aunts) are all extraordinary gifted seamstresses. I think growing up around that type of environment where the love of creating things, especially clothes from scratch, shaped my love and passion for dressing.

I love dressing up so much, I got the opportunity to become a clothing stylist in Charlotte. After I started picking up a little buzz here and there from styling, I noticed the positive reaction in clients who loved their new look. I took on that positive energy I received from them, & had this desire of wanting to style every man in the world! After shopping for a client one day, the idea of MISTERY BOX hit me.

I figured that if I can’t physically style every guy in the world, then I can definitely create a “care package” to assist them with their wardrobe at home, without having to be there with them. Receiving a care package at your doorstep full of fashionable accessories, yet not knowing exactly what’s all in the box, is like having a personal stylist in your house, & not knowing what style they are about to transform you into. And this is how the concept of MISTERY BOX was developed.

What kind of lady boss are you?

I’m a lady boss with a heart of gold, the presence of Cleopatra VII, with the mentality of Queen Elizabeth I!

I think it is very important to be able to stand your ground as a female in a male dominated industry, yet never compromise who you are on the inside.

What’s your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

The self-knowledge you gain through your mistakes! Starting your own company, mistakes are evident! So it’s not about how many mistakes you have made, but how you bounce back from them, & what have you learned from them.

I think the two main mistakes every entrepreneur has made was the waste of time and money. Being able to invest your time and money wisely comes over time. Now that I know what I know, will I ever make mistakes again? Of course I am! But my mistakes are a bit more calculated, & those calculations derive from self-knowledge and awareness of your product or service, your clients, your finances, and etc.

What is your #1 tip for success?

Take your time, and grow your brand! Rome wasn’t built in a day, & Egypt wasn’t destroyed over night, so everything takes time!

We are in an era where it seems as though everything and everybody is moving at such a fast pace, that we MUST move that fast, if not faster. I think that is the only con about social media; it forces you to move at a fast pace. If we can take 2 hours out of our day with no social media & tv, and actually used pen and paper to write down our ideas, do the research so that we can execute those ideas, and then start to physically put in the work to grow our brand, you will find yourself more accomplished than ever.

What are your big dreams and goals?

My ultimate goal is to use MISTERY BOX and any other fashion venture I partake in as a vehicle to tell the world how good God is! I believe that you do not have to be in church 24/7 or have a church title to spread His message! You can do it through sports, medicine, social work, non profit organizations, music, and etc. I have been chosen to do it through style and fashion.

I told myself a few years ago that I want to do more than just “put clothes on people & take a picture”. I want to unify with designers, boutiques, trend setters, & other fashionable enthusiasts to bring forth this stylish, positive, earthly wealth of synergy that will not be possible if we stay in competition with one another! What can I do to bring more foot traffic into your store? What can I do to help catapult your brand/label/clothing line to the consumer that maybe unaware of your presence? How can I set you apart so that you grab the attention of those you seek? How can fashion & style & business get you positive results?! most certainly desire to be that influencer in this industry.

What is the lesson you wished you learned sooner?

How to sew! Even though I grew up around family members who are professional seamstresses, I was interested in playing basketball outside & getting into trouble with my cousins. However, if I knew then, what I know now, it would definitely save me alot of money! But, it’s never to late to learn, right?!

How do you avoid overwhelm?

I workout! But I actually handle stress pretty well. If there does come a time where I feel that there is a lot on my plate, then I look at it as “this is what you asked for!”, so I never take it for granted. I believe the key to being overwhelm is having balance and maintaining a some level of consistency.

How to connect with you?

Via Social Media:
Website: www.mymisterybox.com
IG: @_misterybox_
FB: /mymisterybox
Email: jtsstyleconsulting@gmail.com

Anything else you would like to share?

Definitely! I want to let the world know that MISTERY BOX is more than a fashion box for men. It serves as a marketing tool for commercial and indy brands who want to get their accessories seen and worn by a market they maybe unable to reach. MISTERY BOX is also a great gesture gift. From loved ones who want to see their favorite guy dapper, to a gift other stylists want to share with their clients as a way to say “Thank You” for their business. Small brick and mortars can capitalize on MISTERY BOX if they desire.

Whether you’re on the vendor spectrum, a fellow stylist spectrum, or a consumer, use MISTERY BOX to your advantage. I am open to working & collaborating with those who want to do more than “dress up & post”, but who has the desire to change and elevate the fashion industry!

#LadyBoss Challenge: What are the lessons you’ve learned through your journey in entrepreneurship?

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