Live Streaming Tips: Setting Professional Boundaries

Live streaming has quickly become one of the best ways to reach your current and potential customers.

This week, I have partnered up with Michi from Pretty+Profesh and I’ll be taking over her Periscope stream every day at 4:30 pm EST to talk about some of my most effective live streaming tips!


On today’s (Thursday) stream, we’ll discuss how to determine what you will and won’t do when streaming. If you miss the broadcast, that’s ok! Check out my tips below:

What You Will Do

When it comes to setting yourself apart from your competitors, passion and knowledge are the keys to success. Utilizing live streaming to convey your passion and knowledge is opening up an entirely new platform for service providers like marketers (of course), but also artists, chefs, singers and so many other “service-based” professions. Sharing is caring, and part of the way to attract new business is to share tips and tricks. I’m doing it right now. But you don’t want to give away all your secrets in your streams. You may be wondering, “Well what happens when someone asks a topical question? Are you telling me to ignore them Rachel?” No, I most certainly think you should acknowledge and answer every topical question – let’s explore that further in the next section.

What You Won’t Do

If you’re delivering valuable content, people are going to ask you questions during the stream. It’s probably already happened to you, right? In my opinion, the best way to respond to questions is by providing a basic answer, then follow up by saying something like, “I have a few strategies for (insert topic)…if you want to talk more about it, email me and let’s get on a call!” It’s surprisingly easy to go into specific detail answering a question when it’s about your passion. You likely scope about something you LOVE – and it’s human nature to gush about the things we love. Don’t get stuck giving away the type of knowledge people will pay you to share with them for free when you live stream.


Rachel Creveling