Live Streaming Tips: Keeping It Real

Introduce Yourself

It’s crazy how often people forget to introduce themselves when they stream. The most important thing you can do to get off on the right foot is let the viewers know who you ARE! Name, reason for streaming, and a little personal anecdote – short and sweet but perfect for every intro. For example:

Hey guys it’s Rachel from Belle Strategies! Today we’re talking “Keeping it Real on Live Streaming” and I’m extra excited because this topic is super fun AND…after I’m done, I’m going to get some tacos.

Now don’t go off on some random taco tangent of course! I’m simply saying that sharing something a little silly about yourself is an easy way to break the ice and not go into robot broadcaster mode.

Don’t Overdo the Pre-Production

Ladies I’m talking to you here (mostly). Live streaming is supposed to be in the moment. You don’t need “night on the town” hair and makeup or the perfect outfit. People are going to connect with you a lot more if you’re just being the real you – it makes you so much more relatable. That’s not to say you shouldn’t look put together if you’re streaming for business purposes, but don’t feel like you need to overdo it.

Ignore the Trolls

This might not seem like something you need to do to “be yourself” but consider the alternative: You’re in the middle of a stream where you’re delivering awesome content…then you stop to engage in the negativity. You end up wasting time and energy blocking the accounts; and worse, you’re wasting your viewers’ time. In my opinion, ignore the trolls. Engage with the supporters, and forget the rest!

Rachel Creveling