#LadyBoss Twigy Posts Makes Her Mark

Jana, Twigy Posts

Jana, Twigy Posts

This next #LadyBoss is someone you definitely should get to know! You’ve probably seen her beautiful images quite a bit on our social media feed but I’m here to give you a behind the scenes look at the lovely Twigy Posts.

Birthed from her own personal need for stunning images for her new business, Jana from Twigy Posts, has developed a successful stock imagery platform that provides budding entrepreneurs and #ladybosses alike with beautifully curated stock imagery. It’s hard to believe that Twigy Posts was a result from a failed wedding business venture Jana and her husband began but her persistence and mentality to never give up, has taken her passion for photography to a new level. 

As I began to compile the responses from Jana, threads of positivity and offering yourself grace wove themselves throughout her interview. If we are honest with each other – I mean we all are good girlfriends here right? –  most of us have been where Jana has. Exhilarated and poised to present the world with our passion projects. You know…those ideas that we have spent countless hours and restless night at our desks, curating just the right set of products and services to offer our audiences, just to have them all fall apart. We’ve all stood looking down upon the results of, what seems like, a failure! But what did Jana do?! She picked that pile right up and made something beautiful.

“At first, I was really hard on myself because I felt as though I had failed. I wanted that company to be everything I dreamed it could be…but it totally flopped. However, without it, I don’t know that I would be where I am today.” – Jana, Twigy Posts.

It’s amazing read of the triumph over failure Jana has achieved. The self-described tenacious, driven, goal-oriented working woman offers no apologies for her work ethic and drive but offers us work-aholics some sound advice:

Be Honest with Yourself “: I’ve recently seen the quote made popular by the fabulous Lara Casey, “You know all the things you want to do, you should do them!” While this is such a great saying I suggest, in small type below should state “In Moderation”. Jana gave herself an opportunity to mess up a bit when it came to creating her brand. No one is perfect, so give yourself some slack.

Take Something off Your Plate”:If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed then this is a must for you! Prioritizing your to-dos is extremely important at this stage. Not everything is an emergency and can be put off for a week or two to open up some creative headspace. As women, we are born with the ability to balance a lot of different hats but don’t be a superhero in your business. Careful consideration is of the utmost importance.  “Start big and then narrow it down”, Jana says “think of everything you need to do and start dividing it into categories.”

Switch It Up”: How bad can it get, right?! It’s tough not to want to follow trends and post + say what you think everyone wants to see + hear. The Twigy Posts creator shares “I think most people over complicate things. If you like purple, then you like purple. If you like neon green, then go for it! Give yourself permission to color outside the lines….”

See the full interview below! Plus Jana’s AMAZING giveaway of $100 in JPEG products from her Creative Market Shop. Be sure to follow us and Jana (@twigyposts) on Instagram + comment on her Lady Boss interview post!

What’s your story?


Well, last year my husband and I started a company for wedding officiants (I’ll tell you more about that later) and I found myself in a bit of a bind.  Despite the fact that I am a photographer…I hardly ever photograph weddings.  So, there we were with this gorgeous website, a fresh new Instagram account and not a single image to upload on social media!  I was at a total loss.  It dawned on me that there were probably other entrepreneurs in the same boat, and it wasn’t long before Twigy Posts was born.  

What kind of lady boss are you?


I would say I am very driven and hardworking… with a lot of dreams.  

What’s your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?


The ideas!  I love that creative process.  It is so fun to think of something and then work hard to bring it to life.  I also love being able to move my schedule around to accommodate my family.  Being an entrepreneur is such a beautiful blessing.  I thank God for this gift every day. 

 What is your #1 tip for success?


Don’t give up. Keep going, keep dreaming, keep working hard.  One idea may fail, but the next one may take off! For instance, our wedding company did not succeed. At all!  But, it gave me the idea for Twigy Posts.  At first, I was really hard on myself because I felt as though I had failed. I wanted that company to be everything I dreamed it could be…but it totally flopped.  However, without it, I don’t know that I would be where I am today.  I don’t know if I would have even thought about needing stock images for social media.  That failure taught me so much and it allowed me to begin a new dream.  It brought me life!

What are your big dreams and goals?


Oh man, I am always dreaming.  Right now I am so in love with Twigy Posts and I truly want it to keep growing.  I would like to expand my shop and begin dedicating certain images and bundles to specific causes.  I have a heart for adoption and giving back to my community.  I cannot wait for Twigy to begin making substantial donations to the causes I hold near and dear to my heart. <3

What is the lesson you wished you learned sooner?


That being a tenacious, driven, goal oriented, working woman is okay!  If you are a go-getter or if you have this incredible talent to share with the world…it is GOOD and it is a gift.  Somewhere along the way women in business were labeled as difficult or as ball busters.  It’s so crazy!  I am a gracious, God-fearing woman, but I work hard.  I get stuff done, I help provide for my family and that is beautiful! 

How do you avoid overwhelm?


I have to be honest with myself, especially when I can feel my stress level rising.  I remind myself that I cannot do it all and no one really expects me to. Most of the time I am stressed because my expectations for myself are too high.  I’ll think about everything I need to do and start dividing it into categories.  Maybe something can wait until tomorrow, or next week. I will take one or two things off of my plate and replace them with something relaxing that can be done right away.  As a business owner I am always working, I’m sure you can all relate.  For me to sit down and watch a TV show, or go to a friends house in the middle of the day hardly ever happens anymore.  But, there are days when I will make myself slow down, pour a cup of coffee and unplug for a bit.  It helps so much!

How did you develop the visual presence of your brand? 

I gave myself time and space to mess it up.  My thought was, “how bad can it get?”  I would post pictures on Instagram and then delete them a few days later if I didn’t like the overall look on my feed. Over time I started to see what worked for me. I would take screen shots to remind myself of the style and pattern that made me feel at peace and I made a commitment to incorporate that look into my brand. 

What advice would you give to a developing business owner as it relates to creating a cohesive brand?

Start big and then narrow it down.  I created a board on Pinterest and pinned every. single. thing. that I liked or that caught my eye.  I did this for several weeks.  Then, I went back and looked at everything to realize almost all of the images had this light, breezy feel to them and most of them had a film like quality.  I love that look and it is a key element in my own personal style.  So, that became my inspiration.  I think most people over complicate things.  If you like purple, then you like purple.  If you like neon green, then go for it!  Give yourself permission to color outside the lines and then work on reigning it in so that others can enjoy it with you. That is what it means to curate your style.  You find ways to incorporate your ideas and taste in a way that others find appealing.  So, an entire Instagram account full of neon green images may not be the way to go, but a pop of that signature color on every 4th or 6th picture would work!  Give yourself permission to be authentic and to learn along the way.  No one has to get it right on the first try.  Your brand will evolve and grow into a thing of beauty if you allow yourself the time and space to enjoy the process.

How to connect with you? (website, social media handles, online store features)

You can find me at www.twigyposts.com (website and blog) 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/twigypost

Pinterest; https://www.pinterest.com/twigyposts/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TwigyPosts-406673679542900/?ref=hl

I have a shop on Creative Market that is full of fun images and bundles. You can find that here: https://creativemarket.com/twigyposts

I also sell on Etsy and you can find that shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TwigyPosts?ref=hdr_shop_menu


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