Girl, Let it go!

[col3_2] This past month I’ve been doing one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do… ever: Purging. The Mr. and I just moved into our first lil home and started to unpack those random boxes that you carry around from apartment to apartment for when you finally have a place bigger than a 2 bedroom apartment. Now, when I say purge, I truly mean it. Cleaning out all the junk in my house and making room for the new stuff. I had gotten rid of the easy stuff before the move, but the remaining was the stuff that I knew I needed to get rid of, but for some reason, I just couldn’t.

It was extremely hard for me to break away from old habits of holding on “in case”.

I had one of my business besties and partners here at Pretty + Profesh come over and help me decide what to keep and what to toss/donate. She totally got me organized and squared away, but at first, I felt so much anxiety, resistance, and overall hesitation. After the first “Girl, just let it go! What are you holding on to this for? What’s it going to do for you?” she said, everything else just kind of fell into (or rather, out of) place.

It was so much easier to answer the question “what is this doing for me? Why am I holding on to it?” and when I didn’t have an answer for it, it became so much easier to just let it go.
Plus after getting through the junk in each room, I felt so much lighter. I made excuses as to why I hadn’t already done what I knew I needed to, but it was fear that kept me from starting. Once I got started, it felt so good! I was motivated by seeing the positive change and so much potential for growth and new goodies in my new beautiful home.

Going through this purging process has me thinking about purging in my everyday life. What are the things that we don’t use anymore? Things we don’t need that we’re holding onto for some random ass reason? Things that you might one day need but most likely will never. Like the friends that are not really friends anymore, that are constantly complaining and sucking all the happiness and positivity because of their constant negativity.

How about, instead of keeping that negativity around, just let it go.

I used to laugh and say that my favorite button on Facebook was unfriend because it makes it so easy to just let negativity go. Anything that you have that in your face, especially your social media feeds: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you have control of. You can have whatever you want in your face, so if you don’t want to see something negative or graphic or whatever, take it off.

You want to curate everything that comes your way, if possible. Now, yeah, if you have a great job and you are dealing with a negative Nancy, or a touchy Teresa, that might be difficult. As a business owner, or potential entrepreneur, those are decisions that you’re going to be need to make every day. Would you rather keep an ok worker that drains the energy, or have a productive staff with positive energy? Even the “nicest” of people will agree that the energy you surround yourself with on a daily basis, it worth letting someone go if needed.
What are some things that you’ve been holding on to that you need to let go? What about those that you are afraid to at first and now you feel so much better about letting go of? Or maybe are there some things that you haven’t let go of yet, but you know you should? Let me know in the comments below!

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