Interview with Jessica Leigh Lyons

REFRESHED Speaker and seeker of joy Jessica Leigh Lyons will be teaching our attendees how to trust their inner voice and claim the value of their business in DC May 13-15th. We’re getting deep, we’re shifting perspectives, and we’re making big leaps towards our goals. She gives us a sneak peek in our pre-event interview below! 

What’s your story?

That when women lead bold + creative lives they inspire + delight everyone around them. 

What kind of lady boss are you?

The Empress kind that has a whole lot of Matriarch wrapped up in there. I believe in the power of nurture + compassion. I also know that the Mama Bird sometimes has to push the baby bird out of the nest so she can learn to fly. I really work hard to stand on the edge with my clients, for them to feel their fear, be in their fear, and also lovingly (sometimes laughingly) go over their edge. On repeat. Doing what we’re most afraid of is often the thing we must do in order to grow. 

What’s your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

ALL THE THINGS. Kidding. I love that I get to create my life. Three years ago, I really really hoped (fingers crossed) that I could have the life I dreamed about. It takes BIG work. It takes BIG love. It takes BOLD creativity. BUt the most I listen in, the more I can hear my “YES” and my “no”, the more empowered I become to create: new packages, new programs, new relationships, new clients. 

What is your #1 tip for success?

Get supported. I used to read about people saying you had to get clear. Yes, that’s true. Clarity is essential in the process. For me… support came first. The more support I had (coaches, therapists, books, AND BLOCKING TIME FOR MYSELF), the more that I was able to get clear. Also, blocking time for myself got easier with more support. 

What is the lesson you wished you learned sooner?

Speak your truth. That your fear, the thing that you are blocking is actually your power. What is it that you (don’t) want to say here? Say that thing. To your lover. To your friend. To your potential client. 

Do you have a morning or daily ritual? 

– Wake up. Coffee! Morning pages (3 pages like in the Artist’s Way)

How do you avoid overwhelm?

Keep doing what I love. Realize that it’s a joy. Get 8 hours of sleep per night. 

How to connect with you?

Shoot me an email, woman.