Don’t Make These Three Content Marketing Mistakes


Social media is a big piece in the content marketing puzzle. The best part about this content marketing “puzzle” is that it’s like one of those made-for-kids, easy-to-put-together kind of puzzles. The second you see how it all fits, it’s a cake walk. Here is all you need to know to be successful at content marketing:

Create Content With VALUE

Mistake to Avoid: Don’t blog about what’s going on at the office with Bob. No one besides (some of) your employees and Bob’s family really care at all about his office-related accomplishments. Cut the “company updates”!

Do it Right: Tap your knowledgeable employees for 20 minutes a week and have them craft relevant, valuable posts about their profession. Maybe Bob is a training manager; have him educate people on the best ways to freshen up outdated training content. Bob can inject his blogs with personality, but the focus should always be adding value and creating credibility.

Use eBlasts Sparingly

Mistake to Avoid: Don’t spam your subscribers with irrelevant “newsletters”. Can we all agree we get enough email? If your email isn’t giving your subscribers something that makes their lives easier, don’t even send it.

Do it Right: Instead of thinking of these correspondences as newsletters, think of them as “credibility-builders”. Going back to the first point, no one needs to know about the company 5k. Give your subscribers knowledge they can use. Try a discount code. Let them in on upcoming events with a pre-sale option. Provide insight into a new tool or product that will streamline their business. Once again, the focus is always adding value and creating credibility.

Pay Attention to Detail

Mistake to Avoid: Here’s a question for you: Have you put an intern, or anyone under 25, in charge of your content marketing? Blogs, social media posts, eBlasts – so many of us consider this “menial” work – so we push it off on the intern or we hire someone inexpensive and green to do it for us. The mistake here is that the content your company is creating makes an immeasurable impact on your brand, and grammatical errors, irrelevant copy, and a lack of cohesion will hurt you. Nothing about content marketing is menial, and businesses should give it as much effort as they give every other department. Don’t trust your digital credibility to someone inexperienced.

Do it Right: At this stage in the game, there are enough talented prospects for hire who understand the content marketing puzzle. Recognize that this person is wholly responsible for your brand outside of your four walls (unless you run commercials and print ads). Take time finding the right fit for your company, and bring them into the fold as much as possible so they can accurately market you throughout the interwebs.

When done correctly, your content marketing strategy will have your audience appreciatingand expecting your killer content. Be the expert they can rely on; help them overcome hurdles. Companies who put the time and effort into cultivating awesome content can thrive; so get to it!


Ready to step your Social Media Game?

Rachel Creveling