Hey, there!

In case you’ve stumbled upon this page without all the deets (perhaps you have a friend who loves you sooo much they want you to take advantage of this crazy awesome opportunity, and was soooo excited they just said “hey, go here and sign up”) I’m Michi Moore.

For the past 3 years, I’ve been a digital sales and marketing strategist for small businesses. It sounds boring, but it’s nerd-tastically Fantasmic. I’ve done everything from branding and website design to product launch campaigns to creating a community of small business owners in the digital space. Before that, I was in sales for over a decade.

For this Intensive, I’ve teamed up with one of my biz besties, Deneen Warmington, Esq. (Yes, she’s a lawyer. Yes, that makes me even more excited.) She’s spent over 17 years of her life in the legal realm while being a single mother and working with creatives, small business owners, and freelancers, and falling in love with all things DIY. (She’s got over 43k followers on Pinterest! PINTEREST!)

Anywho, after many conversations about how predictable the “creative entrepreneur” world is, and how everyone seems to be doing the same thing the same way, we decided to say eff it and do something different.

What’s this intensive about?

Growth. Basically.

I set the intention this year to help as many (women) small business owners as I can. I stopped taking new clients, and I wrote a book. I created a social media platform for women entrepreneurs and small business owners (apparently, they are two different things) so they (we) can stop using Facebook for business help. (You know, using Facebook groups that end up being more like and endless sales promo for all the members, and groups with a million members but no engagement– Go figure–)

We wanted a place with true discussions and the ability to list and search for partnerships and collaboration opportunities. (Introducing: Create + Collab HQ– now in beta).

Then we wanted to give more.

We wanted to be able to help small businesses in the way most of them (in our personal experiences, and according to statistics) get stuck.

Confidence. so many times business owners will get everything together: Product, website, sales, advertising, and marketing strategy, but when it comes to putting it in action, they flake. They either don’t feel like they can approach bigger brands for partnerships, or they are afraid to put their prices out there for one reason or another.


If you aren’t confident with your business in its entirety, you will not succeed. Period.


This 5-Day Intensive goes through the main points of frustration, and how to make a plan to crush them.

Visual Representation:

Branding, Images, Headshots, Styling. All the things we want to be pretty, trendy and easy to do. This day covers all that!


Are you truly happy with your products, and services? What about the pricing?

Legal Protection:

The legal side of business can be scary, but the thought of being a victim of intellectual theft, or worse, a lawsuit, is even scarier.

Online Presence:

What platform(s) to use, when to post, what about testimonials, and reviews? How do I even get people to engage with my posts? Questions answered.

User or Customer Experience:

Do you make it easy to buy? Do you make the experience a good one after they buy?

Yeah, we’ll cover that too.

Mindset will be addressed alllll the week… and beyond.


Check out Day 1 to see what we’re talking about!


That’s a lot for a freebie… what’s the catch?

This is not a setup for another program. If anything, this is a setup for the launch for our podcast.. which is also free.

Do we have products and services, yup. Most of the products are less than 30 bucks.

Are we going to mention them during the week, yup. Because that’s how we make our money. We sell things. So do you.

But that’s not why we are setting this up. We truly believe that as women business owners, we need to work together to grow. And this is our contribution.

We are working with the intention that if we help you make money, it would be easier for you to work with us on a different level.

There’s no “if you want our secret sauce to XYZ, then you have to buy this whatever for $X,XXX”

Our desire is to help you succeed. We may piss off a lot of other “coaches” for doing this, but it’s time we come together to help each other succeed in a major way.

There are a few affiliate links, but they don’t affect what we recommend or our opinion of it. Clicking on them helps us to offer free things like this more often.

Say what? Support community?

Yup. That too. Over on the CCHQ platform so you can truly ask questions, get answers, and support each other.

Are we going to limit who can share what information? absolutely not. we encourage it. Some online communities don’t want other strategists or whomever offering advice or whatnot, not here.

We only ask that you don’t promo drop. if you have something to add to the conversation, please do. Create a biz profile, and feel free to promote, away on your profile page.


This is the real deal.

So share with your friends who have businesses, or who want to start one. They will thank you for it.


Oh yeah, giveaways!

Throughout this month, we are giving away a lot of items from our brand crushes. Everyone who participates is eligible.